About us

FDFriendly.com was established in 2003 with product focus on the fire service. Having been in the fire service for over 55 years I am  well versed in variuos aspects of fire fighting. 

I am now focusing on the following product categories -

1/ those designed to allow fire departments to prepare for firefighter funerals. This includes buntings for trucks and stations, mouring fans, flags, badge covers, etc.  If you need any assistance with how to decorate your trucks or stations please contact me so I can help you honor your brother or sister in a proper manner. 

2/ I carry child firefighter outfits that can be persoanlized with a department name and or child's name. The outfits I carry are high quality, very realistic and made to be worn year round as playsuits or for events such as Halloween or costume parties.

I also do custom flags and banners for any purpose. Your design/ logo can be printed onto any size flag or banner. These are not shown in the store as they require custom quotations based, on size, quantity, fabric, etc. Call 610-960-1252 or use the contact link a shown on this site for email.