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AC Hot Stick - High Voltage Detector
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The AC HotStick is a safety device designed for professional rescuers which provides warning of exposed high voltage AC from a safe distance. The AC HotStick will give early audible ("beeping") and visual (flashing LED) warning of the presence of dangerous voltages without the need to contact the surface carrying the current. The closer the user comes to the source of the voltage, the more rapidly the unit beeps and flashes.

The tool has found many applications, especially with first responders, fire, police, and EMT's responding to vehicular accidents; with search and rescue operations in urban and rural settings; and with clean up crews working on downed trees after wind and ice storms. However, industrial users, and anybody else who may unknowingly be exposed to the dangers of electrical shock and electrocution, will find the AC HotStick a necessity. It is simple to use and is well constructed. It comes with a built in self test so there is never any doubt about it functioning properly. It has also gained numerous functionality improvements through years of customer feedback. All of these things have made the AC HotStick an invaluable safety tool with a devoted following.

CONFIRM power shutdown, lockout, tag out, disconnects.
FIND hidden sources of dangerous AC from a safe distance without making physical contact.
DETECT power line back feeds from motor generators and energized pools of water.
ENSURE a safe environment for your vehicular rescue.
PROTECT the life of your first responders. Give him this safe and simple to use tool.
CHECK IT trust is good checking is better.

Purchase price includes 1 training video.

Product Detail:
Uses include:
Urban Search & Rescue:
Detection of unknown sources of unshielded and potentially hazardous AC voltages. Verification of proper power disconnect.
Identification of nearby high voltages and dangers from electrical wires during size-up, and after fires, during overhaul and investigations.
Vehicular Extrication:
Quick check of site and vehicle for potential exposure to AC voltage. Verification and monitoring of power disconnect.
Confined Space Rescue:
To verify power shut-off and proper lockout at the entry site and of the machinery and equipment posing hazard through accidental activation.
Avoid dangers of electrical shock or explosion caused by electrical shorts/arcs.
Disaster Operations:
After earthquakes, wind and ice storms or floods, used to identify energized wires on roads or structural parts in collapsed buildings and flooded sites. Quick check of extent of power outage.
Power Restoration:
Warning of energized wires hidden by fallen trees or caused by back-feeding from motor generators.
During plant modification or industrial rescue to prove power disconnect, identify alternate sources or ungrounded machinery.
Trench Rescue:
Locate potential sources of electrical shock during rescue operations.
Law Enforcement:
Detect presence of AC voltage, avoid electrical hazards at accident scenes or during search, prisoner detention.

What is the purpose of the AC HotStick?
Is it to move electrically charged wires?
No, the name may be misleading to some. The HotStick USA AC HotStick is a very sensitive AC voltage detector designed specifically for search and rescue operations.

Why would I want to purchase an AC voltage detector?
We can not see, hear, taste, or smell electricity and if we feel it, it is often too late. In many situations dangerous AC voltage may be present between fallen trees, on wire fences, in water puddles, even sometimes in wires which were considered as harmless telephone wires, guy wires and in areas which supposedly had the power disconnected.

To detect AC voltage with the AC HotStick, do I have to contact wires or make ground contact?
Definitely not! The AC HotStick will detect any exposed and dangerous wire or voltage carrying surfaces by detecting the alternating electrostatic field from a safe distance.

What is the distance from which I can detect voltage?
It will depend on how high the voltage is and how much of an area is exposed and not covered by shields, which are grounded. The higher the voltage, the larger is the distance from which it is detected. A "hot" 7500 V overhead distribution line can be picked up from 200 feet (60m) away. A car in contact with 120 VAC is detected from about 8 feet (2.50m).

What batteries does the AC HotStick run on?
Four (4) AA type Alkaline batteries power the unit in continuous use for 300 hours. If typically used intermittently on a first response vehicle, the batteries will last at least for one year.

Does the unit require recalibration?
No. The unit runs a 3 second self-test during turn-on from a built-in AC source. In use the battery voltage is monitored continuously. If the batteries should run down, a continuous tone is heard.

How do I know when AC is present?
The AC HotStick will start to beep and an LED will blink when AC is present.

How do I locate the source of the AC?
The unit will beep faster as the front part of the AC HotStick is moved closer to the source. The sensitivity can be switched down (from high to low sensitivity) to narrow in on the location. Finally, in a third setting called "Front Focused" the unit is made directional and picks up primarily from the front.

What if there are two sources of AC to be checked out a car wreck beneath overhead wires?
You can use the "LOW" or "FRONT FOCUSED" setting and point towards the areas to be checked.

Can I detect live wires in the ground, in metal conduits or inside walls?
No. Wires which are completely enclosed in (humid) soil, conductive braid, or metal conduits, which are grounded, are not detected. However, in a fault condition, if current is running in the soil or a metal conduit becomes ungrounded, the AC HotStick will give a warning. Plastic enclosed wires which run in dry walls (sheet-rock) can usually be traced.

How sturdy is the unit? Is it fireman proof?
No. Nothing is fireman proof, but it is "firemen resistant." It will easily take dust, shocks, vibration, splash water, and high and low temperatures.

Is it dangerous to accidentally touch a conductor which carries high voltage.

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