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Public Safety Vests - Radians
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These are economical vests that meet the new Public Safety Standard - ANSI 207-2006. is currently carrying the LHV-207DSZR. There are slightly less expensive ones available, however this model provides more features- including adjustable side arms. This feature provides more flexibility in the fit around the waist.

This vest comes in three styles as defined by the name on the front and back of the vest. FIRE. POLICE or EMS.
The LHV-207DSZR features a mesh front, 5 point breakaway - drop shoulder breakaway, ZIP N RIP -zipper with hook and loop, hook and loop breakaway sides. Bonding on FIRE vests is red, POLICE is Blue and EMS - blue green.
Each vest has a convenient microphone clip. Model shown in picture is FIRE. POLICE and EMS also available. Material is Lime yellow micro mesh.
This vest comes in two sizes - M-XL and 2X-4X. If you plan to wear this over bunker gear the 2X-4X is strongly suggested.

Call for information on other models. 610-584-4996
You may be eligible for better pricing. Web site calculate volume discount based by purchase by size. Call if you are mixing sizes as we will recalculate your cost to give you the best price possible.

ID Item 1 2 to 6 7 to 12 13 to 24 25 to 50 51 or more Availability
FD-4447 FIRE - LHV-207DSZR- Size M-XL $31.99 $26.60 $23.95 $23.45 $22.60 $22.10 processing of order will take place in 1 to 3 days
FD-4448 FIRE - LHV-207DSZR- Size 2X - 4X $33.99 $30.60 $27.95 $27.45 $26.60 $26.10 processing of order will take place in 1 to 3 days
FD-4449 POLICE -LHV-207DSZR - Size M-XL $31.99 $26.60 $23.95 $23.45 $22.60 $22.10 processing of order will take place in 1 to 3 days
FD-4450 POLICE -LHV-207DSZR - Size 2X - 4X $33.99 $30.60 $27.95 $27.45 $26.60 $26.10 processing of order will take place in 1 to 3 days
FD-4451 EMS-LHV-207DSZR - Size M-XL $31.99 $26.60 $23.95 $23.45 $22.60 $22.10 processing of order will take place in 1 to 3 days
FD-4452 EMS-LHV-207DSZR - Size 2X-4X $33.99 $30.60 $27.95 $27.45 $26.60 $26.10 processing of order will take place in 1 to 3 days

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